Mirror mode!!! June 20, 2013 at 3:35 PM

Ever played Mario Cart?  Ever unlocked everything all the way up to Mirror Mode?  Then did you play Mirror Mode?  It is really cool, but everything is backwards and confusing.  That is what happened to us today.

We found out from the developer today that the house plan needs to be flipped in order to accommodate the driveway plan.  So everything that was left if now right, and everything that was right is now left.

At first, we thought this was a bad thing.  But then we started to realize that this was actually a good thing:

  • The “house” side (as opposed to the “garage” side) now faces the existing portion of Montgomery Circle.  This is the house’s “good side” and it will now be more visible to people as they approach the house.
  • The front door is now more visible, or at least less hidden by the garage.
  • The Scrungeon now faces the approaching road, allowing Janele to see who is coming (and hide if necessary?!?).
  • Added in August: This flip makes the microwave position work out!!!  I will explain later!!!

The new plans… in Mirror Mode!

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