Day 6: Wall forms

Today they began to put the wall forms in place.  We are so close to getting concrete that I can taste it! The walls begin to take shape. The construction site looks busy – a far cry from the mud of the past!

Day 5: Solid footings

Today the footings were poured.  This is in prep for pouring the basement walls.  You can now see exactly where the walls will be, and you can start to imagine what the rooms will look like. The footings are poured, and look impressive!

Day 2: The hole is done

I am not sure about you, but I figured that house holes take a while to do.  If you thought the same thing then we were both wrong!  That hole was done before the end of the second day.  And it was not a rough hole.  The walls were deep and straight, and the floor […]

Day 1: Houston, we have a hole!

The big day has finally come – ground breaking day.  We finally have a hole!!! Janele and I watched as “Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann” dug the hole for our new home.  It was quite exciting, at least as far as holes go! You will notice that I am now numbering these posts.  The number […]