See the house

From plans to house!
Watch with us as the house transforms from dreams to reality!


The start of the journey…

It all started this past winter.  The big push was Janele’s right foot.  It had decided that a Charcot dislocation was a good idea.  This meant keeping weight off the foot, which in turn meant less walking and more riding around the house.  But it was a small house.  So hard to maneuver a scooter or a wheel chair.  And that bathroom door was nearly impassible.  Finally after much thought, discussion, and prayer a decision was reached: We need to find a new house.

This lead us down several roads.  We looked at buying and adapting an existing home.  We looked at condos.  We looked at new construction.  Finally after more thought, discussion, and prayer another decision was reached: We wanted to build a new home.  One that would serve our needs now and in the future.

And now it is happening.  We are building a new home in northeast Marion.  And we are very excited, and also a bit anxious, about the whole process.

I (John) have decided to chronicle this journey here for all to see.  Please feel free to stop back often and see the updates!


See the updates…

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See the location…

Here is the house on Google Maps.  If you zoom in too far, it looks like we are located in the middle of a soy bean field.  Did I mention this is a new street?