Shroud of the Avatar

Welcome to my Shroud of the Avatar (SotA) page.  Here I will record my experiences, findings and advice about my adventures in New Britannia.

My experience in the Ultima universe dates back to my childhood.  I have played Ultima 1 -9, both Ultima Underworlds, and Akalabeth.  I played the originals on teh Commodore 64 and PC.  I have replayed them all with the Ultima Collection.  I have played some of the fan-made games and patches, such as Exult.  I have played nearly everything in this genre with the exception of Ultima Online.

One day, curious what was new with Ultima, I did a search and found SotA, just two days before go live.  It had been in “early access” mode for quite some time.  So, sadly, I was not a backer during early development of this game.  But once in I was hooked!  SotA is deep, interactive game that allows you to adventure alone or team up with other players on grand adventures.  I have had much fun, and made many new friends in New Britannia.

Give it a try.  You, too, may enjoy it as I have.  Click here for a free trial, which you can upgrade to the full game at any time.  Not  shameless plug, as I do not get a dime for a recruiting new players.  :-)